Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dress Challenge: Day Two

Today I wore a simple navy blue t-shirt dress. It was a little shorter than I remember it being last time I wore it, but it could have shrunk in the wash too.

I was whistled at on my walk to work today. For a dress that comes to mid-thigh being worn by a girl who power walks everywhere, I wouldn't be surprised if someone saw my Hello Kitty underwear this morning.

Today I'm working at rock climbing gym, so I don't get to wear this dress all day. Well I could, but it would just be inappropriate to wear a climbing harness in a dress.

I'm actually excited about tomorrow's dress. It's a new one and I haven't worn it yet. It'll be nice to wear it on my day off when I'm not running around doing dishes or up to my elbows in mayo.

Even thought it's sunny outside, I added my grey striped sweater because an autumn chill is in the air.

Oh, and I know you can't see them very well, but I'm wearing my cute new brown flats. And my toenails are purple:-)

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