Monday, October 4, 2010


Okay, here's the deal.

I've been purging my closet of clothes and selling or donating items. These are usually clothes I don't wear, don't like, or don't fit.
This was also a time of discovery, because I dug up at least 15 dresses in my closet too. I hoard them, I even remember where I bought each one and my intentions for wearing them. But, I hardly ever wear dresses. I have this idea in my head that dresses require all this maintenance to wear them, and I am constantly self-aware while wearing one. I have to remember to sit a certain way, make sure my booty isn't hanging out the back, and there is also the wind factor.

In reality, these are just excuses I have made. I've always been a jeans and t-shirt girl, and ultimately that is what I'm most comfortable in.

Well, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone.

For the next week, I'm challenging myself to wear a different dress each day.

This is a challenge because not only is a dress the last thing I want to put on in the morning while I'm stumbling around with crazy hair, trying to get ready for work; but also because I work in a cafe and prepping food and making coffee is a dirty job. I'm hard on my clothes.
I'm also hoping to break down this idea in my head of how I'm supposed to act and how the rest of me is supposed to look while wearing a dress.
Seriously though, how simple and comfortable are dresses? I buy them for a reason, but I always create an excuse to not wear one.

This is day one.
I know it's not a totally legitimate dress, but c'mon guys, I'm easing into this.
Light blue tunic, brown leggings, and my brown boots.
It just screams Little House on the Prairie, but it was comfortable at work, and it's always nice to wear my comfy boots.

The sun is peaking out of the clouds, so I think the rest of the week will be leggingless. More colors and I'll wear my flats.

One down, six to go:-)

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